raytec – raytecville.

Lighting specialists Raytec approached us to create a bespoke interactive display for their up-coming exhibition (IFSEC).


We started by discussing the various applications their lighting systems have, and creating a draft of the types of buildings we’d need to fill our mini city. From there, each one was carefully sketched out, making sure that there was areas set out for each type of light. (Infra Red, floodlighting, handrail lighting and so on!)

Once the city layout was complete (and made sense) we started crafting beautiful 3D models of each building, and placing each one into our city, christened Raytecville! Once they where all in, there was just the lighting left! Each building is lit using lighting representing each type of light, with the IR paths represented by red paths and fills.

The interactive elements where then designed & built, tested and installed on an incredible 45″ touch screen TV!

Not only was it an incredible conversation starter with new customers for Raytec, we also got to declare ourselves as master town planners.

  • A photo of our interactive city for Raytech installed at IFSEC Exhibition
  • Interactive city for Raytech final screenshot with controlls
  • Interactive city for Raytech  render of airport and hospital
  • Interactive city for Raytech render of dock and power station
  • Sketches of airport and residential area for Raytec interactive installation
  • Sketches of Oil Refinery for Raytec interactive installation