“why do you protect your shins and not your brain?”

rezon produce halos® a ground-breaking sports headband designed to protect the brain from impacts to the head whilst playing sports; reducing your risk of a potentially career-ending or life-changing concussion and the effects of sub-concussive brain injury.

working with the founder Judith McMinn we created a sales brochure for rezon, that can be used to highlight halos use in all sports to help prevent brain injuries.

we think it’s a great product that deserves to be more widely used in sport. you can purchase a halos® on the rezon website.  

me and alan have continued to work with Judith and rezon on several other projects. creating powerpoint templates, designing event stands, social media graphics and printed materials. these projects have helped rezon to grow, winning awards, gaining B corp certification and grants to help expand the business going forward. we are proud of our small contribution to help athletes protect their brains in sport.


  • sales brochure
  • powerpoint decks
  • social & web graphics
  • event stands
  • printed promo
  • diagrams