prime service

we have worked with baljit chokar of prime mortgage on a number of projects over the last 12 months.

prime mortgage are a leading independent mortgage and protection company based in the north east. we created a stamp duty & mortgage calculator app along with some promotional material. this led to refreshing the prime mortgage website.

our latest project was re-branding prime mortgage, baljit wanted a stronger brand identity which reflected his ever expanding range of services. during this project – baljit joined forces with mark Jordan of watch protect to form prime financial. so we expanded the rebranding project to include logos for the three main sectors, prime mortgage, prime wills & trusts and prime protection which sit under the prime financial brand.

please see below: a snippet of the process for the new p icon. the home device was great for the mortgage business but we felt that it could use some redevelopment in order to represent the expanded services. prime financial values, safety and security for your home, your family and your estate.


  • re-branding
  • mortgage website
  • wills & trusts website
  • beermats
  • business stationery
  • banners
  • mortgage app

prime ‘p’ icon development

prime mortgage website

original icon

prime mortgage website

new prime icon

prime mortgage website

icon development stage

prime mortgage website

final icon

prime mortgage website

mortgage & stamp duty calculator app

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