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karen weir, wanted to do something a bit different with her staff profiles, so instead of a standard photo we illustrated them as superheroes!

not only does this solve the i hate having my photo taken but also got the staff involved in the design process.

“i want to be like cyclops from x-men!”

we sat down with each staff member and talked about their roles within weir insurance and looked at their peer reviews and very quickly discovered each persons super ability! the illustrations will now be used in a variety of marketing collateral.

update: we’ve just finished the 2020 calendar, please see below. the images we’ve created will double up as social media posts for weir insurance to use throughout the year.

works completed

  • staff illustrations
  • social media graphics
  • email footers
  • calendar
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you have managed to identify the characteristics, physical and otherwise of all 12 of us after spending just a short amount of time with us. now that’s a real talent!

all customers and suppliers who’ve commented on them have been very impressed and i know that i will be able to use the concepts in my marketing collateral for years to come, giving me a real return on investment.

as ever i am happy to recommend me & alan to anyone requiring a creative genius.

karen weir (aka wonder weir),
md, weir insurance

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