Holsta Group – Rebrand.

Holsta Group are an amazing company, they provide complete office solutions. From a simple stapler to a massive HQ makeover!

Terry Armstrong approached us to re-brand The Holsta Group, after a merger which allowed Holsta Group to compete for even bigger projects.

These are the types of projects we love as we get to help a company grow or move forward with great design! We started with revamping The Holsta Group identity.

We looked at the service Holsta provide, it’s really difficult to break down as they do so much and cover basically every aspect of office design, build and install along with providing every piece of stationery you can imagine. So we decide that with so many parts to the business we would build a bespoke font for the logo.


We tried to show the many parts of the business coming together to form the whole, the whole being Holsta Group logo. We also introduced a bolder colour palette to give Holsta a fresher look.

Along with the new logo, we have created a pull up banner, site signage, business stationery and van livery.



Here’s what Terry had to say about the van livery:

“Both Dave and myself want to say thank you for the design on the vans, first one was done yesterday and it looks fantastic, people are commenting already”


Holsta Group website is now under construction and should be live very soon.




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