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we recently met with robbie (of made surveying) with the view to making an existing piece of collateral more user friendly. terms like it needs to be more ‘jazzy’ and ‘snaz this up a bit’ as its ‘far too wordy” were thrown about. we knew exactly what he was after.

first port of call was to reduce the information, give the user enough to pique their interest without boring them, encouraging them to get in touch with made. to make the information more visual we decided to use illustrations to highlight things that might get missed when a person is buying a home. things that made look out for to ensure you get the perfect home you deserve.

we think we have achieved a nice balance of info and visuals, thus creating a ‘jazzy’ promotional leaflet for made. we are also looking at an opportunity to use the illustrations to create simple animations for social media and their website.

works completed

  • illustration
  • print design

works ongoing

  • infographics
  • social media graphics
  • further illustration
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we wanted help with redesigning our flyer, our old one which resembled an out of date, wordy and complicated boring document which all other surveyors provide. the results were magnifico! featuring various illustrations, showing properties with defects that potential clients can avoid by using our services. thank you for your efforts, we will continue to champion me & alan and your creative genius to friends, family and business acquaintances.

robbie peel, made surveying

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