archer fitness – personal training

charlie from archer fitness asked us to help him get up and running (sorry) with his new personal training business.

we began by creating his logo and extended that through branding elements to be used for promotional material, such as flyers and posters which were situated in the gym.

his clients receive a ‘food mood’ diary to help Charlie understand their nutritional needs as they go through his programmes. we re-designed that with some personalised archer emojis. the pull up banner we created has pride of place in the fitness rooms reception area.

we are currently in the process of bulking up (sorry again) the archer fitness website, future additions will include online exercise programmes and nutrition plans.

works completed

  • logo
  • branding
  • pull-up banner
  • poster
  • flyer
  • food diary¬†
  • social media graphics

works ongoing

  • website
  • exercise plan
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charlie is too busy working on his guns to write a long review for me & alan… let’s just say they were amazing!!! nothing was ever an issue and I love my logo, can’t wait to see the finished website.

charlie archer, archer fitness personal trainer

find archer fitness at

the fitness rooms
unit 6, chollerton drive,
north tyneside industrial estate,
benton, newcastle. ne12 9sz

sunday is leg day!!!!