Santa’s Little Elf.

Ho ho ho! We’ve just finished a great project with the mischievous people at Santa’s Little Elf!

We where recently approached by the lovely Gemma & Vikki to work with them in creating everything they needed to get their new business up and running.

Santa’s Little Elf is an educational, fun and achievable behaviour system based around the principles of positive reinforcement. It allows your little ones to track his or her own behaviour – plus a cheeky little elf comes to stay with you!

Santa's Little Elf Outline Branding

We created a playful brand for the startup company, illustrating our new friend in full colour, and creating a cute outlined variation to sit alongside the logotype. Once that was in place, we could move on to the printed materials that would live alongside the Elf Packs.

A fun reward chart was illustrated, as well as a customisable Elf Passport, certificates, stickers and behaviour cards (that the little guy will proudly hold for your child each morning they wake on the run up to Christmas!).

Along with the print, we created a great, fully responsive e-commerce website – allowing Santa’s Little Elf to sell and promote their packs. The website had to be easily expandable in the future, as they plan to offer a larger variety of products. Thanks to the site using WordPress, we’ll be able to help them grow each year, building on the solid foundations already set.

The site also allows them to not only manage their orders, invoicing and customers – but keep all of their content up to date, as well as adding ‘Elfcapades’! (Their blog posts about the mischief your elf can get up to.) On top of which, we also set up their branded social media accounts and Mailchimp templates so they can keep in touch with customers, and expand their online presence!

So, why not head over there and get your very own elf ordered for your little one this Christmas!


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