Royal Mail.

We were really pleased to be asked to redesign a series of internal documents for Royal Mail.

The existing documents were re formatted to make them clearer and easier for staff to record delivery data, so Royal Mail can improve it’s first time delivery rate.

The wall chart was created so staff can interact and get involved with trying to achieve higher delivery targets. The data collected is vital for improving an already great service.

A First Time Delivery Process graphic was designed to show staff the steps they need to go through when delivering parcels, and what steps they then need to do if the customer is not home.

We’ve recently re-designed the Royal Mail’s Resource to Workload logo. The new logo continues the design aesthetic created in the previous documents we produced. RTW is all about getting the best out of people by balancing their workload, so a simplified set of balance scales heavily influenced this logo.


  • rm06
  • First Time Delivery graphics designed by me & alan for Royal Mail
  • First Time Delivery Icon designed by me & alan for Royal Mail
  • Internal documents designed by me & alan for Royal Mail
  • Wall chart designed by me & alan for Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail Logo