Fusion STEM.

We’ve recently completed a lovely branding and website for the incredibly talented people at FUSION Engineering Science.

FUSION is a consultancy and communications company which aims to connect the world with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Working with industry, schools, government organisations, chartered societies, local authorities, HEI’s and others on a wide variety of STEM engagement projects.

The Branding
The people behind FUSION bubble with excitement and creative energy. Whilst researching ‘fusion’, we happened across a lot of imagery depicting nuclear fusion – the process of creating energy.

We loved this concept, and thought ‘we need to express this energy within the identity’. We looked at ways we could create a small explosion without using bombs as we didn’t want the logo to have a negative feeling.

We wanted to convey energy and movement, so we broke it down into a simple shapes working with stars initially, & incorporated an ellipse to control the energy within a frame.

By using positive and negative space, we have created a logo, that looks like it explodes and implodes at the same time, with the name and tagline at the centre of it all.

Not only that – they also have an exciting after school program called KABLOOEY Club, where there’s explosive fun to be had! Enjoy amazing hands-on activities and experiments galore on topics such as robots, space, dinosaurs, rockets, volcanoes, slime and many, many more!

If you’d like to know more about what they do, visit fusionstem.co.uk (their brand new website!), designed of course by me & alan and expertly built by www.superhighwaymen.com

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