Archer Fitness.



Charlie Archer recently qualified as a Personal Trainer, he wanted a logo, promotional material and eventually a website that would stand out amongst all the other PT’s and instructors in the market.

We wanted the logo to represent Charlie and his abilities as a personal trainer, so it had to be strong, bold (just look at those tatts) and dynamic. He was quite keen to have an icon, and his surname Archer, provided the perfect inspiration for this.


We developed an arrow icon, using the negative space between the ‘A’ of Archer and the ‘i’ from Fitness. Then to tie the whole theme together we came up with the tagline “Aim for a better you”, this was really important to Charlie, as his ethos is, forgetting about what the scales say, the weight is not important. It’s about eating clean, being healthly and being the best ‘you’, you can be.

I have been doing session’s with Charlie for about 4 months, working mostly on my legs to promote strength after an ankle injury. I have to say I’m buzzing with the results. I was able to snowboard all week without any problems. I’ve continued to work with Archer Fitness, to improve my upper body strength and overall general fitness. Would recommend to anybody looking to get fit and healthy. Mark Flaherty

Charlie is looking to create some fitness wear with Unique Physique Clothing in the near future, so keep an eye out! Follow Archer Fitness on instagram or you can book in an appointment by giving him a call on 07572157156.

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