Holy Smokes – We’re 6!


It literally seems like yesterday we wrote a post about turning 5…

Turns out it’s been a year, and in that year we’ve moved office, sorted out our own site, been to 8 gigs, worn out 3.5 pairs of trainers and acquired a 3D guru as an office mate. We forgot the cake and candles – maybe next year.

We’ve launched a whole load of websites, printed a wealth of beautiful materials (all on sustainable paper we might add!) and created some beautiful brands. The other bonus is that Milo’s gotten at least 5% less naughty. We think.

If you’d like to chat about working with a ‘mature for their age’ 6 year old – why not get in touch on 0798 456 15 09 or email us at hello@meandalan.cc

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